480 ml blended lightly aged Jamaican rum240 ml pot still lightly aged overproof Jamaican rum360 ml cognac90 ml crème de pêche245 ml applejack480 ml lemon juice2.8 L cold water1 batch oleo saccharum
instructions :

For 5.2 L :

Combine the Oleo Saccharum, both rums, the cognac, créme de pêche, applejack, lemon juice, and cold water in a punch bowl and chill.

Add an ice ring mold when ready to serve.

Oleo saccharum

Mix 455g superfine sugar and the zest of 12 lemons. Seal it in a vacuum seal bag. And let the bag rest at room temperature for at least 4 hours.

Alternatively, gently muddle the lemon peel with the sugar and seal it in a jar for at least 1 hour.

source :
Jeffrey Morgenthaler's Bar Book, created by the Schuylkill Fishing Club (Philadelphia, 1732)