½ oz lemon juice½ oz lime juice¼ grenadine½ oz demerara syrup (2:1)¼ oz Pernod1 oz black blended Jamaican rum1¼ oz pot still unaged Jamaican rum1 oz sparkling water
instructions :

Put everything in (3 options):

  • a shaker : except sparkling water, with ice cubes. Shake, add sparkling water and stir.
  • a blender : except sparkling water, with 4 oz (½ cup) of crushed ice. Blend at high speed for 2-3 seconds. Add sparkling water and stir.
  • a drink mixer : with sparkling water, 12 oz (1½ cups) of crushed ice and 4-6 “agitator” cubes (small ice cubes). Flash blend for 3-4 seconds.

Pour unstrained into a footed pilsner or double old-fashioned glass. If necessary, add more crushed ice to fill.

Garnish with a ti leaf or pineapple fronds.

source :
Smuggler's Cove, adapted from Trader Vic (1946)